I am the most living overseas in Hawaii.

I am the most living overseas in Hawaii. Because the sea is beautiful and nature is beautiful because it is beautiful. In order to find foreign cultures as well. But even if you do not go to Hawaii all the way to the sky, the sea is beautiful and the nature is beautiful, there are also places in Japan where some kind of extraordinary exoticism can be found. Yes, Okinawa. I went to Okinawa about 2 times in the past. Since I was a college friend from Okinawa, I traveled to stay at my friend 's house once. Once again it is a pure trip. When traveling for the first time, of course, Okinawa's home cooking Goya Champlle and boiled pork belly? I cooked Okinawan cuisine and awamori. After all it was warm and funny people in Okinawa, and my family of friends there was greeted me warmly and I became indebted. As I thought about Okinawa in all seas. It was truly beautiful and transparent. Also, although the fish were swimming, what kind of fish is different from the sea fish in Honshu, that is, a tropical fish? It was impressed with the fish like it. After all, if you travel in Okinawa, please try it by all means in the ocean. The seas in other parts of Japan are certainly beautiful, but Okinawa does not become a comparison. It was my opinion that Okinawa and the sea can not be separated absolutely.

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