The blue sky, the blue sea, I adore you.

The blue sky, the blue sea, I adore you. The city in the northern country where I live has a sea, but I can not swim, it feels cold. When I was young I felt that I wanted to go to a tropical resort ""Let's go abroad"" with my girlfriend, but she and I are not good at English. And feeling somewhere I feel ... / /. After all, overseas gave up and it is said that ""go to Okinawa."" Because I wanted to relax in the sea, I did not plan anything, I just enjoyed the sea. Today, I am careful with sunburn as it is said to be UV prevention, skin cancer prevention to keep whitening skin. But at that time, wheat colored skin was in fashion, so I was just baking my body. Now, when I think about it, I will say, ""Wow!"" For girls' trips, there is a desire to ""eat delicious foods"". But Okinawa cuisine was not very good at it. Goya, Okinawa soba, Agu pig. When I saw that pigs and swine feet were sold on the market as fragile, I could not eat pork. But as was expected, fruit was tasty. I ate a lot of ice cream. It's a nice memories of young people. In the case of

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