My first visit to Okinawa is when I am in elementary school 6th grade.

My first visit to Okinawa is when I am in elementary school 6th grade. Since I was living at that time and Nago City in Okinawa had a sister city tie-up, every summer there are dozens of sixth-graders from my city, in winter there are dozens of sixth graders from Nago City to winter in the winter It was done to visit. I have an examination of composition and interview, and I passed luckily with enormous magnification. I could not believe it when acceptance notice came. And for my 6th grade summer vacation, I went to my first trip to Okinawa. Born and raised for me in Hokkaido, as soon as I arrived at Naha airport in Okinawa, I gave back the hot weather. It was a primary school student at that time, so it was hot and hot! There is a memory that seemed to have been calling. Even now I can not forget the impression when I went to the beach in Okinawa for the first time. On the white sand beach, the sea of ??the emerald green. I was surprised that the situation in the sea was seen when entering the sea. It was also when I traveled to Okinawa for the first time to eat raw pineapple and kiwi. Especially for kiwi who likes citrus fruits, it was unbearably delicious. Although it was a trip for about a week, we all went round tourist attractions such as the Himeyuri Tower and Shuri Castle, enjoyed playing fireworks in the ocean, went to the Nago City host family and the summer festival, and at that time we had a very valuable experience My memory is my Okinawa trip.

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